I would recommend Julie to anyone seeking a trainer

Julie has been my personal trainer for just over a year. With her help and encouragement and sensible eating I have lost nearly 30 pounds in weight and have increased by stamina and core strength considerably. I particularly like the fact that Julie has really listened to my needs and has concentrated on my core strength and flexibility.

She has a really friendly and easy going nature and is great to work with. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a trainer. For anyone a little apprehensive about what is entailed I would say give Julie a try, you won't regret it. She is very patient and will work within your capabilities and help you set realistic goals. *

John Barber

I’m loosing weight and look more toned. I feel more energised, happier and confident in my everyday life

At the end of 2010 my confidence and mood was at an all time low, I was over weight, tired and burnout and I’d lost all hope of regaining myself.

Julie introduced herself to me, she was friendly and down to earth. I signed up to 10 sessions and honestly this is the best decision I’ve made in years. Julie assessed my fitness level and set a program that was perfect for me, paying attention to my age, weight and lifestyle. At the end of eleven sessions I’d noticeably lost weight and felt so much better in myself.

Six months later we continue to work together towards reaching my goals, Julie sets more challenging programs to suit my progression. My overall core-strength is increasing, my range of flexibility is becoming broader, I’m loosing weight and look more toned. I feel more energised, happier and confident in my everyday life. *

Racheal Errington

I’ve discovered I can enjoy going to the gym

When I first started working out with Julie I had been a member of my gym for nearly 2 years and had probably been about 10 times, I hated it! I was never good at sport or running in school and I found the gym intimidating. Working out with Julie has given me the confidence to go into the gym and work out. I now know a wide range of exercises for all sorts of equipment and to suit the mood I am in when I get there.

Over the last year we have really focused on improving my posture and strengthening my back which was weak from sitting at my desk all day. More recently we have worked on toning up my back, shoulders and arms ready to show off in my wedding dress. Julie doesn’t just help with the exercise she gives good nutritional advice too, and is really positive and supportive about your goals. Without Julie’s help I would still be making excuses and avoiding the gym, instead I’ve discovered I can enjoy going and have dropped 2 dress sizes! *

Elizabeth Shackshaft

* results may vary depending on the individual